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Mayor Jerrell Baley

Meet Jerrell Baley, Mayor of Royse City since 2009. Mayor Baley is serving his third consecutive term, running unopposed each time. He also served numerous terms on the city council, where he was involved in various committees and initiatves.

As a civic leader in Royse City, Mayor Baley has lived in the community 65 years, serving 40 years with the Chamber of Commerce, along with various boards and chapters. Baley is retired from Dallas Fire-Rescue, where he worked nearly 40 years after leaving the US Army.  In his personal life, Baley is a grandfather of four boys and stays active rescuing other people's "junk" from the curb and recycling items on giveaway websites. It is a pastime that Mayor Baley calls "rewarding". 

We wanted to get to know Mayor Baley a bit better and he was kind enough to answer a few questions: 

Dawn Tongish: Royse City is a growing community. What projects are on the horizon that will improve the quality of life for citizens living in the city? 
Mayor Jerrell Baley: There will soon be a grocery store. That may sound simple to some but it has been over 20  years since we have had a full scale grocery store. 
DT: In your view, what sets this community apart from the surrounding cities?  
JB: Royse City, if you choose to be a part of it, is the best place to build friendships, feel safe and enjoy the simple things in life.
DT: Managing a city can be a stressful job. What do you do to reset? 
JB: If you have the right employees there are few stressful moments. I , as mayor, have been rewarded with outstanding employees from the bottom up. It has been a joy to serve with such fine folks.
DT: When you have a few minutes just to drive around the city, where do you like to go? 
JB: Well, I get that chance often and there are no particular places for me. I like cruising the new neighborhoods best. Seeing all the people out working in their yards, visiting with neighbors, children playing, these are the things I find that are the best of Royse City.
DT: Do you have a favorite restaurant in the city? 
JB: No. You can just about catch me at any of them. I do have breakfast at Denny,s every Saturday and Sunday with family and friends, lunch at Los Pinos on Friday and dinner at just about any one of our many fine restaurants.
DT: What is one fact about you that citizens would never guess?  
JB: I am passionate about the small things more than the big ones. I want my city to look nice and a lot of people at city hall know what it is I,m referring to.
DT: What can the residents of Royse City do to pitch in and improve their community? 
JB: Just simply follow the rules. Cut your tree limbs short, water your yard according to the rules, clean the curbs in front of your homes, pick up your garage sale signs and call city hall or the police when you see a problem occurring, just the little things.
DT: What is the last book you have read?  
JB: Jesus calling. My daily devotional helps me to stay focused.
DT: What is the best part of being Mayor?  
JB: Ummm It is the satisfaction of knowing that, with the help of the city council, things are good in Royse City. The second best is when children come up to me and ask "Are you really the mayor?"And then "Will you let my Mom take a picture with you?
DT: If you had to describe your "bubble" (Royse City) in three words, what would those words be?  
JB: Friends, family and church.
DT: Outline your top three goals for the city in 2014?  
JB: Fix sewer, water and streets in the heritage district.  Work toward keeping Royse City clean and keeping our parks so that families may enjoy them. 

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